“I have recently finished treatment for dental implant work with Dr. Krina Patel at Caterham Dental Care. I would highly recommend Krina who is highly professional and really caring. Every stage was explained fully, and the work was carried out in a calm and meticulous manner. Krina was well supported by her colleagues, who were very reassuring and also did all they could to make the treatments as easy for me as possible. I am extremely pleased with the finished results and would not hesitate to undergo such treatment with Krina and her team in the future. Many thanks to you all for providing such an excellent service.” – November 2018

“I wanted to let you know how delighted and thrilled I am by my implants. Dr Krina Patel and Dr Shah are obviously perfectionists and took every care to make sure I was happy and comfortable throughout the procedure. Krina you made sure to be available to me if I had any concerns or problems , this is the sort of service I feel would be lacking if travelling abroad for treatment .The eventual outcome was well worth the wait , the idea of implants in a day as some advertise seems to me a little disingenuous. The end results are so natural no one could tell which are my teeth and which are the implants.I can chew properly again and smile as wide as I like without putting my hand in front of my mouth. I am very, very happy and may well be back to you for another implant” – November 2018

“Firstly I would like to say how happy I am with the end result of my porcelain veneers, originally I was looking to get composite veneers but after serious discussions with Dr Shilane Patel we both decided in order for my teeth to have the best outcome possible porcelain veneers would Give me the best results.
I was always against getting veneers in Turkey as I As I didn’t want my teeth to get shaved down into pegs, Dr Shilane Patel insured that my teeth would stay the same behind the porcelain veneers and this was the main reason as to why I was so happy to go ahead with getting porcelain veneers in the UK rather than abroad.
Dr Shilane Patel and his staff are very welcoming, chatty and overall great at what they do! I couldn’t recommend anywhere else better to have  my teeth done!.” – January 2020